Good for dedicated fans or for reference too


It's a nice book to have for those who are very much involved with the series. It's fully in Japanese but it is 80% visuals and illustrations, mainly of character sheets, fully cover illustrations and images from the game app in a much higher quality.

AKIBA CATCHER Points$11.99 - $335.99



no point in buying these if it takes too long to load onto your account, therefore risking your chances in game.

This is so adorableeeeee


It took a long long while to get to me, but I'm glad it's here now. It's soft on its fur but firm due to its squeaker inside, which is similar to ones in most chew toys. You could use it for that purpose as a toy for small ones or pets, but it's too cute that I leave it on my bedside. It fits in your hand and is well made ~

Small and cute


Smooth texture, and it is a bit loud but it's still cute without its chirping function. There is a battery slot for you to keep it's plastic slip on if you don't want it to accidentally chirp.

More beautiful in person


Slightly larger than what I had expected, but that's actually a plus! Really a work of art here.

Just as expected


I've bought anime calendars before so I knew this would live up to my expectations. It made a great X-mas present and I enjoy seeing a different image each few months. Essentially 6 posters and a calendar in one so it's practical and pretty.

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