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Ultra Detail Figure Peanuts Series 8
Ultra Detail Figure Peanuts Series 8$8.99 - $12.99

It's gone home!


This figure makes me feels some sort of nostalgia for something that, I'll be honest, I've never watched. But I'm in love with this tiny little figure

μ'sic forever!


Absolute master piece of a pin this is and it makes the 9th anniversary of Love Live.
Can't wait for the 10th

Not spooky but adorable


Awesome little mini figures.
The box in which they come is actually display friendly so you can show them without having to open the box and that's great cause it also covers them from dust.

I'm in love


Big fan of neco's artwork.
I'm collecting all the Heavy Armored Highschool Girls and with Shi being the second one in the collection.... I'm so happy
She's so pretty highly posable and... For some reason her panties are loose, unlike any other figma. That's another reason for the high possabillity.
Really awesome figure, absolutely worth it.

Small figurines, great potencial


Awesome figures.
Every one of them come with 4 different faces which give basically 4 different figures. The print is really clean and the figures have a nice smooth feel to them.
Rin come with her cat face 10/10
Hanayo has a face with rice on her cheeks 10/10
Also Umi comes with her poker face so that's a 12/10
Definitely a must have

Absolute master piece of a model kit


Okay, let me be clear first thing. I haven't actually assemble the figure but I've seen pictures, videos, stop motion of it and I'm in love. Since the first PV I was searching for this figure, every store I knew I will check for something, but nothing really was out but, and let me tell you... It was worth all the waiting. As soon I saw on the TOM Shop, didn't even think about it and I made the purchase right away. The price was pretty standard and it was even better with premium.

Out of the package you can see it's not your normal FA-G (it is not a FA-G), nor your typical gundam. It is much more than that. You're greeted with a black envelope with the ...
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So many accessories!


This is, hands down, the most complex figma I have and I love it!

I fell in love with the figure as soon as I saw it. I'd say figma have outdone their self this time with the figure... And they did. It feels so different from past figma, somewhat of a better quality and I like that

She has a lot of accessories and some are really small so be careful.
Accessories includes a school bag, a scarf, a really tiny cellphone, a pistol, a small mecha called Emgy and of course a long range rifle wich is customizable:
A removable butt, scope, magazine, a closed and open bipod.
Also Long Range also includes a different lower body for more dynamic poses .

In sh...
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Favorite figma by far


I remember seeing the prototype for this figure and falling in love with it. Also neco (the artist who made the design) was hyping it a lot. And it delivered. The most amazing figma I've seen.
It has a lot of little details and the paint job it's amazing. The selection of color it's on point with the original.
It has also a lot of accessories. 3 blades and 2 tiny knifes. They all fit in the figure so for storage it's easy.
Possiblity it's also great and has 3 differents expressions.
I love with the figure and thinking about getting all in the series

Thanks to TOM for the incredible price opportunity.

More to come


I'm really surprised by the quality of the t-shirt
Super soft, really nice black and the print over ur looks extremely well done.
Kudos for that!

Zensoku senshi!


Really fan of pins, and absolute fan of Aqours. This is a must have of you can't go to the concerts

I wasn't there


I wasn't there myself but it's nice to have a little piece of the concert.
I love collecting pins and this one it's almost to beautiful to use. I'll have with the others

The perfect gif


I bought this for my fiance and she loves it. She isn't the kind of girl who uses wallets a lot but since this one has cats on it she really likes it.
Materials are really nice and has a lot of space for cards and cash.
Also she receives compliments for the wallet every now and then.
Very happy with my purchase.

Awesome figure!


As always figma surprise me with the quality of the paint and sculpting in them figures. Completely awesome details.
The banner is HUGE, just a little over 30 cm and its looks great with the figure.
the possability in the figure is a little limited because of the dress but, you can still manage good posses with it.

Play off!


Absolutely love the uniform. It is super comfy and it's something you could use for everyday

"I will be your shield"


Absolutely awesome figure. Even though the figure lack accessories, it's my favorite figma. That shield makes her look so badass, and the detail in the paint it's amazing.
The only complaint I have it's that in the pictures the colors are a little darker and the armor looks metallic, while in the figure itself the armor it's unpainted rubber (it has purple details in some places), but it's not big deal, still looks amazing.

IA Pin Set
IA Pin Set$10.99

Great quality!


Very simple pins but super cool designs
Specially the IA (character) one.
They're one of those otaku items that doesn't look otaku at all so they're great for any kind of event.
Awesome pin set

Gutten everything


I didn't really buy this figure for my self, it was for a friend and he loves it. Prinz is one of his favorites girls in kancolle and the figure does nothing more than to bring the 2D to life. It's awesome.
The carefully put details in her costume and the turrets are simply awesome. As expected for a figma.
A must get if you're a kancolle fan or you just like Prinz. And for the price... This is TOM, price are the best here.

Thank you TOM


>Be me
>Order Anya keychain
>Use a free shipping coupon
>Use TOM points for the rest
>Keychain got here after a month of waiting
>It's cuter than expected
>Be super happy
>Thanks TOM

Cutest keychain ever!


So I got the Anya one, and I love it.
The images on the site don't make justice to the keychain. The colors are really vivid and the included stand is an awesome plus.
Bad thing tho... I don't wanna use it because fear of it scratching so I just let her on my Xbox
If you are a fan of the series or a girl in special definitely buy it. No regrets whatsoever.

Lucina joins the team!


Absolutely love it. I think she's my favorite figma out of the ones I have.
The quality of everything is completely awesome, the paint and the feels is just really well done. I mean goodsmile always do a great job with its figures but this time they went over it... But I think is a little more stiff than others figma.
Anyway, completely worth it, and even more with the TOM price. Thanks guys!

PD: The picture doesn't make justice to the figure. Displayed on a light stand I've had for a while.

New Itazura Bank
New Itazura Bank$19.99

Better than expected


So I bought the panda version as a gift for a friend. She loves it. And we both didn't know but the animals talk. I mean, it's a simple phrase like "hello" or "bye-bye" but is a plus.
So yeah, completely worth getting it.

Absolutely love it!


The figure itself is precious, georgeous if you will, but I just wish the tone in the paint was a little better. As someone says up in the reviews, the tone is more of a orange rather than the tan you're looking at the pictures, but anyway I don't have any major complaint. It's an awesome figure and a more awesome display figure. The smug face it's just incredible. Completely worth it.

она идеально подходит (She is perfect)


I'm reall happy with my purchase.
The details in the figure are pretty good, I think Banpresto did a great job. I just wish she would have a little more shadow, but again, is Banpresto so the details won't be as amazing as others brandings.
Anyway I have no major complaints about the figure itself. Completely awesome.
I would really really recomend you to buy it if you're a fan of her or the show in general.

About the package, it got here before time and without damage so that make me happy. Thank you TOM-Senpai!

Awesome figure


Man, the details on this figma are as always incredible, how can anyone paint something that small? The figure got here without any kind of problem, the packaging is very well wrap so props for that. This was also my first time buying from TOM and I'm really happy with. I love it.

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