KOG Famicom Wars Red Star T-Shirt

KOG Famicom Wars Red Star T-Shirt 1
KOG Famicom Wars Red Star T-Shirt 2
KOG Famicom Wars Red Star T-Shirt 3
KOG Famicom Wars Red Star T-Shirt 4
KOG Famicom Wars Red Star T-Shirt 5
Product Details
Series: Famicom Wars
Brand: The King of Games
Sizes: M, L, XL
Color: black
Size Chart
(cm / in) Medium Large Extra Large
Width 53 / 20.8 58 / 22.8 59 / 23.2
Length 69 / 27.1 72 / 28.3 75 / 29.5
Shoulder 50 / 19.6 53 / 20.8 56 / 22.0
Sleever 20 / 7.87 21 / 8.26 22 / 8.66

This T-shirt was made as a tribute to the memorable military tactics game for Nintendo titled Famicom Wars. The game was first released in 1988 for the NES (in Japan known as the Famicom or the Family Computer, hence the name) as the first part of the Wars series and re-released for Wii in 2009. It’s a turn-based game played with two oppossing teams, Red Star and Blue Moon. This particular T-shirt was made in the spirit of team Red Star, on the front featuring the team name written in pixelated camouflage and a few soldiers, and on the bottom back there is a small illustration in the same style, all on a background of black. The picture near the bottom edge has three different variations which are randomly printed on each shirt, which means you won’t know which kind you’ll get until you open your package! Fans of the game will love it without a doubt, but it’s most fun if you share it with your friends. After all, a team is stronger than a single soldier!

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