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Box Details
Possible Figures: Donyatsu, Strawberry Donyatsu, Chocolate Donyatsu, Macaron, Mint Macaron, Lavender Macaron, Ronya, Strawberry Ronya, Chocolate Ronya
Donyatsu - approx. H60 x W75 mm (approx. H2.4 x W3.0 in)
Macaron - approx. H63 x W95 mm (approx. H2.5 x W3.7 in)
Ronya - approx. H55 x W75mm (approx. H2.2 x W3.0 in)
Material: PVC
This set includes nine randomly packed figures. Duplicates are possible.


Animals with sweets as bodies living in a decaying Tokyo?! Welcome to the world of Donyatsu!
Donyatsu is a manga created by Kozaki Yusuke about a post-apocalyptic Japan whose only residents are animals shaped like a variety of sweets, from donuts and bagels to macarons and baumkuchen! This Donyatsu figure box includes nine figures randomly packed for an added surprise. Such figures are often traded in Japan! Why not buy a box for yourself and a friend? You could always trade any duplicates! Even if you’re new to Donyatsu, these collectables are perfect for any fan of Japan’s cute characters!

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