Illust label sKILLupper.NET Official account. Platform for unknown illustrations.

    エロティックな少女や不気味な作風が魅力。絵画作家、ライブペインター、イラストレーターとして、都内展覧会など多方面で作品を発表中、そして現在漫画家修行中! 夢は国外ライブペイントを実施、本場のスタンディングオベーション体験をすること!


    I Joined Square Enix in 2003 and participated in the development team for Final Fantasy XI. I continued as a designer on various game development teams. I made my commercial debut in 2007 through the work "Mahomahou" in the full color comic magazine "Robot" published by Wani Magazine Inc. Thereafter, I produced CD jackets, posters, designs, and concept art for mainstream games. I established the illustrator label bearing the name of the previous illustration site, "" in 2011. In 2012, I became a full-blown illustrator.

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    "Let's Enjoy OTAKU Life!" We're bringing Japanese culture and products to people around the world so they can discover how wonderful Japanese culture is! As a first step, we're celebrating Japanese OTAKU culture through this fanpage, which already has more than 10 MILLION fans! Here you can check out all kinds of photos and collections of figures, Nendroids, Manga, Anime, Cosplay, and fascinating events that celebrate OTAKU culture! We'll keep posting hot topics for you straight from Akiba, Tokyo, the center of OTAKU culture. Tell us what you think -- and what you want more of -- because we want to help you enrich your OTAKU life! : )

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