Do You Know Virtual YouTuber Siro?

Who is Virtual YouTuber Siro?

Siro-chan is a virtual YouTuber who started in 2017.
Among the countless virtual YouTubers in existence, she is one of the most popular. She posts videos every day ranging from let’s plays to “try to dance” videos and more.
She has a playful and humorous personality that is charming to anyone.

Wait, what’s a virtual YouTuber?

“Virtual YouTuber” refers to YouTube videos created using an illustrated or CG character.
The definition may change depending on the YouTuber, but Siro-chan is a YouTuber who’s always giving her all through a wide variety of challenges including broadcasting let’s plays and quizzes.

Virtual YouTuber Siro
What kind of girl is Siro-chan?

Siro-chan is a self-proclaimed “natural” girl who dreams of becoming an idol.
She is known for her carefree and soothing voice and her comical laugh that sounds like a dolphin’s cry.
Though she has a carefree and calm disposition, she also has a mischievous side that shows through the extreme things she sometimes says while playing video games. She is also proficient in English and talks in English in several of her videos.

How popular is Siro-chan?

Siro-chan is a hugely popular YouTuber, so much so that she is called one of the “Four Virtual YouTuber Divas” in Japan.
Subscribers to her YouTube channel have exploded since late 2017, and she currently has over 560,000 (as of November 2018).

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