Siro Figure Project!

by Tokyo Otaku Mode
Siro Figure Project!

Growing popular at an unbelievable rate, Virtual YouTuber Siro will be available as a figure! The very first figure of Siro! A must buy for all Siro fans!

This project has not started yet.

Start date will be announced soon - get excited!
We’ll notify you when the project starts.

The Prototype 1/7 Scale Siro Figure is Complete!

The prototype of the 1/7 Scale Siro Figure has finally been revealed at Wonder Festival 2018 [Summer], which was held on July 29, 2018. A “Vote for a facial expression” poll was held at the booth to decide the bonus facial expression parts. The same poll was held at Anime Expo in the US, and we are currently summing up the results.

The smug face, starry eyed (also called the shiitake mushroom eyes) face, and a smile… Which bonus part will be chosen? A painted prototype will be revealed this fall.

Announcements will be made on this page and on each of our SNSs when pre-orders begin!

These images are prototypes made using 3DCG.

©Siro Channel

About Virtual YouTuber Siro

Hi, I'm Siro. Nice to meet you!
I'm a virtual YouTuber dreaming to become a Japanese idol.
I've been uploading daily :)

I love making Let's Plays! Please don't forget to like and subscribe to my channel :)
Thank you!

Playlists for viewers watching from abroad are here! ; )

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