[Important!] Message Regarding the Suspension of Distribution for the iOS Version App “One Room VR - Swimsuit Edition”

Feb. 18, 2019

Thank you for supporting the crowdfunding “One Room” VR Project. We have an important announcement for all of the project’s backers.
Apple has judged that the One Room VR - Swimsuit Edition app does not meet its app guidelines and will not distribute the app. We appealed the decision over a long period of time, but we were unable to gain acceptance for the app and have given up on distributing the iOS version. We are terribly sorry to all of our backers who were looking forward to this iOS update.

Currently, we are still planning to update the Android version of the app and distribute this content.

To make up for this update being suspended, we will be making a test version of the iOS app with free updates of the Uniform edition, Apron edition, and Swimsuit edition available for a limited time. The test version has the same content as the paid version. Unfortunately, because it is a test version, we can only make it available for a limited time. Thank you for your understanding.

・Available to play until: April 15, 2019

Also, we will be distributing a downloadable wallpaper of the Swimsuit version for PC and smartphone.
Download by: March 31, 2019


[How to Download the iOS Test App]

  1. Please install the TestFlight app on your iPhone or iPad using the link below.

  2. Please reply to the form below with your Apple ID (email address) and your name.
    You can check your Apple ID by going to “Settings” → “Apps” or “iTunes & App Store.”

Apple ID Response Form

  1. We will send an invitation email for the test app to the Apple ID you provide us with. When you tap the invitation button inside the email, it will connect to the TestFlight app and install the test app.

  2. Please install the One Room VR app using TestFlight.

  3. After installation, please tap the One Room VR icon to begin playing.


We are terribly sorry to have to report such unfortunate news despite all the support we have received.

Because we were able to reach our goal of 3 million yen, a One Room Yui Hanasaka (Uniform Edition) AR Figure can be purchased from the HoloModels Web store. Apron and Swimsuit figures are expected to be released this spring.
We will continue to work hard and create products that you can enjoy. Please continue to support the One Room and One Room VR projects!

・AR Figure Yui Hanasaka (Uniform Edition)
Note: The “Digital Figure HoloModels” iOS app is needed to play with the Yui Hanasaka (Uniform Edition) AR Figure.