Beautiful Illustrations from a Fantastic Game Series!


I've been a fan of Gust's Atelier series since Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana was released, so needless to say I've had my eye on this book for quite awhile.
Kishida Mel's illustrations are simply gorgeous, it has a huge variety of pages to look through, from: promotional arts, character bios, as well as older design concepts for the characters.
I would have to say that I am extremely happy with this art book. ^_^

An Excellent Art Book from an Outstanding Game!


This book has a ton of pages, all of which have beautiful illustrations from the first and second Legend of Heroes: Trials of Cold Steel.
Overall I can say that I am extremely satisfied with this book. :D

A Great Figure To Have


This is a very nice figure, the articulation is a bit limited, but it's understandable considering her outfit.
The bottom half of the shirt as well as the skirt are made from a soft plastic, so they are somewhat flexible.
Her side tails are detachable and easy to position.
The figure comes with: 3 facial expressions, 2 forward sections of hair to choose from, one of which includes a pair of glasses, 5 pairs of hands, an alternate arm with a rolled up sleeve, 2 pairs of shoes (indoor and outdoor) and several magic related props.

A Very Beautiful Figure


I'm extremely happy with this figure, she looks absolutely amazing! :D
The stick to the parasol was a bit tight though, so I had to wallow out the hole in advance.
After assembling the parasol, slide the handle between her hands, they should be soft enough that you can bend them a slight bit.

An Excellent Model, Great for Illustrators


Notes on the parts:
The model includes: 5 pairs of hands, 1 hairstyle, 3 faces, plus 3 sticker decals for the eyes (optional, the faces already have details).
It does not include: a stand, or the armor and weapons, which are separate addons.
I tried using a stand from another figma model that I have, and it worked perfectly fine.
There are also several optional parts for attaching the armor.

This is a very nice little model, it does take some time to assemble, mine took about 5 hours, but I'm sure that anyone with enough experience could probably put this together in 2.
The articulation is excellent, though the upper arm could use some improvements.
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A Great Assistant For Artists!


I am very satisfied with the Figma Archetype: He Flesh Color Ver.
It's easy to adjust, though it may take you some time to find the right pose.
Overall, I would highly recommend this to any illustrator looking to replace their wooden manikin.

A Great Buy!


I'm extremely satisfied with the figma Archetype: She Flesh Color Ver.
I bought this as a means to help me with drawing my illustrations.
While it can take some time to pose, and the articulation for the lower neck and toes are fixed, you can still produce a reasonable number of poses with this model.
In addition to this figma, I also purchased the He version, I'll be sure to review that when it arrives.

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