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As beautiful as The day I lost you


Like a moment of happiness frozen for eons in time, Elysia come back to us in her very special maid costume, a costume she appareled long ago to share a moment of joy with her friends, a moment of rest in the middle of a storm which carried the end of all times. May the flame of the chasers guide us to the future.

This demon miku is... allright...


For the price I didn't expect much, so, while I am not dissatisfied (I got what I bought), I am a little dissapointed because her "sister" the angel version is better than expected, this one is neither bad (for the price) nor better than expected, but she look pretty good with her angel version, so I guess, it is allright...

A pretty good figure


It doesn't look as good as in the image, however if 10 is looking exactly like the sample picture and 1 is not looking like this at all, she is between 8-9, pretty close to the sample image, for this price it has pretty high quality, not bad at all.

Goddes Kurumi does it again.


Great figure, pretty sexy, perfectly sculped, mine came perfectly painted (this may be not the case for everyone), in general a great choice and offers a lot for the price.

Worth it


It looks better in person a great figure.

Great Azuka


It looks great and I love it, however there are some details that dissapoints me a little, like the painting having some black dots and some minor details that aren't that well polished, maybe it just me being unlucky this time.

Hatsune came home.


It is a beatifull figure, honestly the promocional images makes her look a little cooler, but is a great figure non the less, perfect painting and sculping, for some reason it looks better in the living room with my glass ornaments than with other figures but whatever.

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