VTuber Agency PRISM Project Seeks English-Speaking Talents of All Genders!

Multinational VTuber agency PRISM Project is currently searching for new English-speaking virtual talents with auditions open to applicants of all genders!

Open until 11:59 pm on September 9, 2022 (PDT), the auditions allow both aspiring and current VTubers to throw their hat into the ring to become a virtual talent at PRISM Project, or an Agent. Although each of the 12 current Agents have female-presenting characters, applications are permitted for both female- and male-presenting personas.

According to the official audition page, PRISM Project hopes to provide an environment where talents can not only take advantage of “Sony Music's industry-leading expertise in talent management, voice acting, music production, event production, and digital technology,” but also maintain a healthy work-life balance. After all, “VTubers are human, too.”

From popping up in anime to making major label debuts and more, VTubers are becoming increasingly prominent in pop culture around the world. In regard to their popularity, producer Shogun commented via email, “Unlike traditional celebrities, with whom fans rarely get to directly interact, virtual talents can react in real time to the comments and questions of the audience, and I think this creates a much stronger community and sense of belonging amongst the fan base.

“A compelling personality leading an engaged community combined with content that many fans are predisposed to enjoy - particularly gaming, anime, music, and other creator content - is one recipe for success, and I think you can see great examples of that in both PRISM Project and in the rest of the industry.”

Shogun also hopes to take his Agents’ presence beyond online undertakings, explaining, “While our talents' activities are always going to be centered around their streaming content, I'm very interested in opening more doors for them to expand into actual career paths - voice acting, music production/musical artist, and so on.

“What are our talents going to be doing in five years? In ten years? In twenty? What does being a virtual talent, a VTuber, lead to for talents who wish to continue making content as a full-time job? The VTuber industry is still quite young, and so many of these questions are yet to be answered - I'd like PRISM Project, and the rest of the Sony Music VTuber family, to be a pioneer in this area.”

Although future career possibilities are something to consider, aspiring Agents can still apply even if they lack past experience as a VTuber or content creator. According to Shogun, “Experience and past success are certainly very important factors, but they're not the only or even primary factors we're using to evaluate candidates. I think first and foremost we're looking for personalities and skill sets that complement what PRISM Project is and has been up to this point, while showing a drive to succeed and excel at their chosen area of content creation.”

He also advises, “I think it's important for anyone who is looking to make their hobby or interest into a career to set clear, achievable goals, to ensure they obtain the basic skills necessary to support their activities, and to be 100% willing and ready to screw things up, to fail, to learn from it, and to be ready to pick themselves back up and try again. Having clear goals helps keep you motivated, having the basic skills means you can quickly create the content you want to create, and being ready to fail means you're not afraid to try!”

PRISM Project's 2022 auditions are open until 11:59 pm on September 9, 2022 (PDT). Note that applicants must reside in one of the following countries or regions: United States, Japan, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Peru, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, Republic of Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, or Singapore.

For more info, check out the audition page.

Source: Email interview, Prism Project website


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