Mamoru Hosoda's Belle Releases New Visual to Celebrate Hit Opening!

A new visual has been released for Mamoru Hosoda's anime film Belle in celebration of its hit opening!

According to Studio Chizu's official Twitter account, Belle has sold over 600,000 tickets, amounting to more than 890 million yen in the three days after its July 16 premiere in Japan.

The visual showcases main characters Suzu (illustrated by chief animation director Hiroyuki Aoyama) and Belle (by CGI animation director Takaaki Yamashita).

Belle follows 17-year-old Suzu, who lives with her father in Kochi Prefecture's countryside. Still unable to forget the pain of losing her mother in a traffic accident when she was little, Suzu joins massive virtual world "U" under the name of Belle. After her singing makes her a worldwide sensation, she finds herself confronted by a mysterious dragon-shaped creature.

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