Hatsune Miku Expo 2021 Online Launches Kickstarter!

Hatsune Miku Expo 2021 Online Launches Kickstarter!

The 2021 edition of the annual Hatsune Miku Expo has launched a crowdfunding campaign!

Launched on November 12, it has already achieved its initial goal of 25,000,000 yen plus two stretch goals. As a result, the original 10-song setlist will be extended to 14 songs. The next stretch goal of 40,000,000 yen will add a completely new song, which will be picked from Miku Expo's song contest.

A wide range of physical and virtual backer rewards shipping worldwide is available ranging from merchandise such as badges and illustrations to the chance to influence the concert’s set list and special effects.

With fans largely stuck at home in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Miku will be bringing the stage to you with a free online concert set to take place June next year. The international live concert series celebrated its fifth anniversary in 2019 but unfortunately saw its 2020 dates in the US & Canada fall victim to the coronavirus pandemic.

The crowdfunding campaign will run on Kickstarter until January 11, 2021 at 1:48 am (UTC +00:00).

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