Kill la Kill the Game: IF Announces Bonus Ryuko Mode!

Kill la Kill the Game: IF Announces Bonus Ryuko Mode!

The official website for Kill la Kill the Game: IF has announced a bonus story centered around Matoi Ryuko!

Accessible to those who have cleared the main Satsuki scenario, the bonus mode features an original story penned by Nakashima Kazuki, the head writer for the anime series. Having been defeated by Satsuki, Ryuko must decide if she wants to enlist the help of one of her greatest enemies, Nui. Players will also be able to find out the secret behind the Original Life Fiber for the first time.

Developed by APLUS and published by Arc System Works, Kill la Kill the game: IF is inspired by Studio Trigger’s hit 2013 TV anime Kill la Kill, in which high school students gain special powers from their uniforms thanks to the “Life Fibers” they are made from.

Set for release on Jul. 25, Kill la Kill the Game: IF will be available for PlayStation 4, Steam, and Nintendo Switch.

(c)ARC SYSTEM WORKS (c)TRIGGER, Nakashima Kazuki / Kill la Kill Production Committee

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