Get Your Daily Manga Fix With Tokyo Otaku Mode and MANGA.CLUB!

Get Your Daily Manga Fix With Tokyo Otaku Mode and MANGA.CLUB!

Tokyo Otaku Mode has teamed up with MANGA.CLUB to gift its members with a new way to get their daily manga fix!

Managed by TORICO, MANGA.CLUB is an online service that grants those living outside of Japan access to multilingual manga hosted with official consent from the authors. It is currently available in 225 countries and regions around the globe.

With the new collaboration, TOM members can access MANGA.CLUB using their login credentials. Just like the base service, regular members will be granted three reading tickets per day, giving them access to three chapters of almost any manga in the catalogue. However, TOM Premium members will be rewarded with twice as many tickets.

For those who are binge readers and want to read more than just three or six chapters per day, MANGA.CLUB allows readers to purchase coins that grants access to whatever else they want to read. This is where another perk of being a TOM Premium member comes in; coin purchases will be rewarded with bonus TOM points, just like shopping on the regular TOM Shop.

Right now, there are over 130 titles of manga from all genres, including boys love, slice of life, and shounen! Even better is the fact that most are available in both Japanese and English at no extra cost.

Those who aren't Premium members yet can take advantage of TOM's 90-day free trial, available to sign up for until July 31, 2018. For more details about the collaboration, visit the official page.

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