Reborn! Stage Play Releases First Key Visual!

Reborn! Stage Play Releases First Key Visual!

Reborn! will be taking to the stage later this year, and fans can get another peek at what it'll be like thanks to a new key visual!

The visual features the main cast in costume including the anime’s lead voice actress, Neeko (reprising her anime role as Reborn) and Takenaka Ryohei Tsunayoshi (Tsunayoshi Sawada).

Written and illustrated by Amano Akira, Reborn! ran in Weekly Shonen Jump from 2004 to 2012 and has also been adapted into a popular TV anime which aired from 2006 to 2010. The series follows a regular Japanese high school boy who turns out to be the heir to a mafia gang and is trained by a pint-sized hitman known as Reborn.

The stage show will play at the Galaxy Theatre, Tokyo from Sept. 21-30 and Mielparque Hall, Osaka from Oct. 30-6. Cast members confirmed so far include Neeko as Reborn!, Takenaka Ryohei as Tsunayoshi, Kuwano Kousuke as Gokudera Hayato, Yamamoto Ryosuke as Yamamoto Takeshi, Uesugi Teru as Sasagawa Ryohei, KIMERU as Lambo, Wada Masanari as Rokudo Mukuro, and Kishimoto Yuta as Hibari Kyoya.

©Amano Akira / Shueisha ©Reborn! Stage Play Production Committee

Source: PR TIMES

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