Shaman King Spinoff Manga Debuts June 17!

Shaman King Spinoff Manga Debuts June 17!

This June, Takei Hiroyuki's hit manga Shaman King will celebrate its 20th anniversary with the serialization of a new series in Shounen Magazine Edge!

Titled Shaman King The Super Star, the new series will begin serialization with the June edition of the manga, which is scheduled to hit shelves on Jun. 17. While specific details on the upcoming plot points and themes have not been revealed, it is reported to be a direct continuation of Shaman King: Flowers, which ran in Jump X from Apr. 2012 to Oct. 2014.

A famous shounen fantasy known throughout the world, Shaman King follows the adventures of Asakura Yoh who has the ability to see spirits and other such entities. Despite a lack of dedication, he strives to become the Shaman King, which will allow him to lead the world in any direction he wants. Alongside his friends and family, Asakura has to participate in fights with other shamans in order to achieve his goals.

The original manga was first serialized in June 1998 in Weekly Shounen Jump. Though its original run ended in Aug. 2004 with 32 initial volumes, three other manga series have been released sporadically throughout the years: Shaman King: Poem of Funbari, Shaman King: Zero, and Shaman King Flowers. Since its first introduction into the world, the entire series has printed over a total of 26 million copies. It also had a brief anime adaptation from July 2001 to Sept. 2002.

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