Upcoming Square Enix Game IDOL FANTASY Combines Idols and Magic!

Upcoming Square Enix Game IDOL FANTASY Combines Idols and Magic!

Square Enix has announced the upcoming release of IDOL FANTASY, an idol-managing game for smartphone that also weaves magic and fantasy into the narrative!

The game is projected to release Summer 2018 for both iOS and Android, with players taking up the role of idol manager at Alex Entertainment. Several different male idol groups, some of which are themed after things like sweets and the four elements, are waiting for just the right manager to catapult them to the top of the idol world! However, the aspiring idols have a few secrets, like the fact that they may have come from another world filled with magic.

So far, details for four idol groups have been revealed. BRAVE HEARTS is a five member group who mainly deals with J-pop, while E-lements features four member group and focusses on dance and EDM pop. Three member group -JINGI- is centered around a blend of traditional Japanese music and pop. Sui-tsu! Mon-Star! also boasts three members, its main genres being electronic and techno pop. Finally, another group with three members is still waiting to be revealed.

Preregistration is already open for those who are keen on training these magical new idols. Those who sign up will be greeted by a cute animal character named Pono that can grant different in-game items that’ll prove to be useful, especially early on!

IDOL FANTASY is also running a Twitter campaign from Mar. 8 to Mar. 15, which will gift lucky fans with autographs of some of the cast members from the various idol units. For more details, visit the official Twitter and official website.

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