My Hero Academia Releases Season 3 PV and More News from Jump Festa 2018!

My Hero Academia Releases Season 3 PV and More News from Jump Festa 2018!

Another year, another ton of huge announcements from fan favorite titles at Shueisha expo Jump Festival! To make sure you're up to date with the biggest news from this weekend, take a look at this quick rundown.

Dragon Ball Announces New Movie

Toriyama Akira's iconic franchise will be releasing its 20th anime movie in Dec. 2018. 15 years after Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of 'F', Toriyama is back to handle the script and character design.

While details are still scarce, fans can expect to learn lots about the Saiyans. So far, the new movie has teased a visual that features the previous film posters, plus these two quotes: "The origin of Goku's strength = Saiyan" and "The strongest race of warriors in the universe = The Saiyans".

My Hero Academia Releases New Movie Visual and PV

The upcoming My Hero Academia movie is set to premiere sometime in summer 2018, and Jump Festa gave fans the chance to see the characters in an all-new visual and PV!

Even from behind, favorites like Izuku are instantly recognizable, but beside him is a mysterious blonde character heading off with the crew...

Tokyo Ghoul:re Announces Additional Cast

Set to premiere sometime in Apr. 2018, Tokyo Ghoul:re has released details on additional cast. The four voice talents announced were Ishikawa Kaito as Urie Kuki, Uchida Yuma as Shirazu Ginshi, Fujiwara Natsumi as Mutsuki Toru and Sakura Ayane as Yonebayashi Saiko.

Gintama Live Action to Welcome Back Satou Jiro as Different Character

The sequel film to the live action adaptation of Gintama will again feature veteran actor Satou Jirou, who played Kiheitai "weirdo strategist" Takechi Henpeita in the first installment - but as a different character. Exactly which role Satou will take on is yet to be revealed, but he has commented, "Without a doubt, I'll be playing Kagura".

Boruto Movie Visual Featuring New Character Revealed

Visitors to Jump Festa had the chance to see the new Boruto visual for the upcoming film, which will follow the new ninja generation's trials in the Chunin exams.

In addition to familiar faces like Boruto and his father, the visual also features new character Urashiki, looking menacing in the background with fellow Otsutsuki clan members Momoshiki and Kinshiki.

The Prince of Tennis to Create New OVA

The Seishun/Hyoutei rivalry is back with the first installment in The Prince of Tennis BEST GAMES!!, which will focus on popular matches. Tezuka and Atobe's thrill-packed game is to animated once more as an OVA, and will screen sometime in 2018 in theaters.

With 2017 coming to a close, there's so much to look forward to in the world of Jump! Which anime are you most keen to watch?

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