8 Breathtaking Kimono-Clad Figures!

8 Breathtaking Kimono-Clad Figures!

We’re slowly entering hoodie weather, a sure sign of fall. The summer festival season is now over and it's time to pack away the yukata... but that doesn’t mean we can't still admire these brilliant kimono!

The gorgeous patterns and colors never get old, and we love them even more when our favorite characters sport them, so we’re bringing you 8 gorgeous kimono-clad figures!

1. First up is Vocaloid beauty Luka, dressed in a stunning kimono that makes the most of her pink color scheme!

Vocaloid Megurine Luka is easily associated with her long pink hair, and this figure utilizes that perfectly! It features translucent pink cherry blossoms decorating a tree that frames her beautifully, and the floral pink pattern on her kimono adds a wonderful pop of color against the soft blue of her kimono!

Get your hands on this classic figure here~

2. Keeping with the gorgeous floral (and Vocaloid!) theme is this adorable Rin!

This figure is a part of the same Hanairogoromo series as the previous Luka figure, so it features the same graceful cherry blossom tree theme! Likewise, it also makes great use of the yellow-orange the Kagamine twins are associated with through a graceful deep red and green kimono that simultaneously puts the emphasis on her bright hair and ribbon, and complements the blue color scheme used for the matching Len figure.

Make this stunning Rin a part of your display here!

3. Kimono-clad Utaha is simply beyond elegant!

This figure of Utaha Kasumigaoka from Saekano is absolutely stunning, depicting her in a kimono featuring a royal deep purple behind a classic floral pattern that’s given a modern touch through the bright red and green accents. It falls playfully off of her shoulders while she holds an umbrella with a confident and sweet smile, giving her a very mature look that you can’t pull your eyes away from.

You don’t want to miss out on adding this Utaha to your collection, so click here!

4. Likewise, this Megumi is the epitome of elegance, but also emphasizes her characteristic sweetness!

While Megumi is better-known for blending into crowds to the extent of disappearing, she stands out like a princess in this pink, purple, and red kimono! Her headdress falls ever-so-slightly below her hair while her right arm is raised, showing off the long sleeves of the kimono which pools beautifully around her.

Fall in love with Megumi's kimono version here~

5. Sayaka's cute summer-themed figure also emphasizes her sweetness!

Sayaka has an adorable expression for this figure, and the face very carefully brings to life the unique style of Puella Magi Madoka Magica, but of course the emphasis has to be on her kimono~ Hers is perhaps the most summer-y thus far, featuring beautiful orange goldfish against a refreshing soft blue design, which gives off a festival vibe!

Find your perfect summer festival companion here~

6. Of course, Sayaka would look best set up next to a matching friend, Kyoko...

Kyoko’s character design is easily remembered for her cute fangs and her wild ponytail, and both are featured on this adorable figure! She’s dressed in an equally festival-ready kimono in green that contrasts her red hair and eyes wonderfully, and her arm is held up, as well, to set up for a cute pair display with the Sayaka figure.

Get a closer look at the cute face and design here!

7. Moving on from scale figures, it’s time for cute and chibi with a kimono Chara-Forme Saber!

Fate/stay night's Saber looks downright precious with her cute smile and pose for this Chara-Forme Plus figure! She’s itty bitty at 3.9” and seems to be having a blast with her hand outstretched, hopefully inviting you on a fun adventure~ Her kimono is a lovely silver-blue with yellow and green details that highlights her blonde hair and green eyes, and it happens to match the kimono Rin figure wonderfully!

Hold onto the summer vibes with Saber here!

8. Last but not least, the matching Chara-Forme Rin Tohsaka, looking just so graceful!

Rin has a dreamy expression for this experience and a stylish updo with a bright red headdress (after all, it wouldn’t be Rin without a pop of red!)~ Her kimono matches Saber’s, although Saber’s features yellow flowers where Rin’s features red. The lovely pose gives this figure a picturesque air, as well!

Admire Rin's graceful kimono here~

Wouldn’t it be a dream come true to walk alongside alongside any of these characters in their gorgeous kimono? In the meantime, though, we’ll just have to settle for some phenomenal figures!

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8 Breathtaking Kimono-Clad Figures! 1
8 Breathtaking Kimono-Clad Figures! 2
8 Breathtaking Kimono-Clad Figures! 3
8 Breathtaking Kimono-Clad Figures! 4
8 Breathtaking Kimono-Clad Figures! 5
8 Breathtaking Kimono-Clad Figures! 6
8 Breathtaking Kimono-Clad Figures! 7
8 Breathtaking Kimono-Clad Figures! 8

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