Top Japanese Blogger ARuFa Shares Genius Otaku Tricks!

Top Japanese Blogger ARuFa Shares Genius Otaku Tricks!

Japanese blogger ARuFa is a person of many talents, one of which happens to be thinking way outside the box as an otaku!

In particular, he's quite imaginative with photographing his beloved figures and toys. Figures can be beautiful, highly detailed, and incredibly photogenic, but in general, a figure will always clearly be a figure, and that limits its power in photos. However, ARuFa has developed a number of tricks that you can use to add some more life to the photo!

Firstly, he's shown us how to add an awesome sense of action to even the cutest figures. All you need is a fan (yes, you heard that right - a fan)! Disassemble it, put your favorite figure on top, and what happens?

It looks like Yui's having a blast spinning around!

How do you think the photo'll turn out?

Boom! Dynamic!

He's also introduced this subtle yet effective animation trick - simply add a little bit of motion. It works wonders in adding a touch of life, even to seemingly everyday scenes. Take Kirby over here! Just wait for it...

Too cute!

If Kirby's blinking seems a bit too subtle to you, you can always try some more obvious effects, like the breathing and blushing on this adorable figure of Love Live! Sunshine!!'s Tsushima Yoshiko!

Finally, wonder at ARuFa's simple - and genius! - way of giving viewers an awesome 360˚ view of the photo's subject! Not only does it really spice up the image (no matter what you're choosing to shoot), it's also just a whole lot of fun. How often do you get to play with cameras on toy trains?!

Behold this delicious looking sandwich.

So how is it done?

Sometimes, the simplest way can be the best (and not to mention, the most entertaining!) way.

Ready to give your otaku goods the ARuFa treatment? If you want to follow even more of his shenanigans, simply click here!

Adapted with permission from ARuFa 1, ARuFa 2, ARuFa 3

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