Laputa Comes to Life with Robot Soldier Figure!

Laputa Comes to Life with Robot Soldier Figure!

Bandai has announced a new version of its action figure inspired by the ancient robots seen in the classic Studio Ghibli animation, Laputa: Castle in the Sky! This third addition to the series which follows the original 2013 edition and 2015 LED version boasts 57 points of articulation and is part of Bandai’s “Souzou Galleria” collection. The Robot Soldier (Full Action Ver.) is already available for pre-order and retails for 7,560 yen (incl. tax, excl. shipping and handling fees).

In addition to the 57 movable joints, the Robot Soldier figure comes with interchangeable arm and leg parts so that it can be displayed in flying poses.

Enhancing the “steampunk” design quality, the figure fully recreates all the details as seen in the classic anime right down to the steel effect of the armor. The “eyes” are constructed to catch and reflect light and the robot also features the Laputa emblem in clear parts on its chest.

(C) Studio Ghibli

Source: @Press

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