The Solution to Standing in Lines - Sitting!

The Solution to Standing in Lines - Sitting!

There’s never been anything fun about waiting in line. You basically just stand there people-watching and maybe talk to whoever you’re there with, but for the most part, it’s a dull thing keeping you away from what you’re actually there for. There was a fun surprise waiting for visitors at the curry udon shop “cuud” in Haneda Airport, though: the [ProPILOT Chair(]!

The ProPILOT Chair was developed based on Nissan’s autonomous driving tech, and its appearance at cuud is a temporary one meant to give people a chance to experience the technology behind it.

It basically works like this: You sit on the first open chair nearest what you’re waiting for. When it’s the first person in line’s turn, they stand up and leave. The chair automatically registers that the person left, pulls away from the line, returns to the end, and the next chair in line takes the newly opened spot at the front. See it in action below!

It does this with its advanced sensors that track anything around the chair. It registers when a person is sitting in it through body weight and communicates with other chairs through Wi-Fi. Its tires are also designed to be able to move in any direction, so these could be used for way more than just queuing! See more of it in Nissan’s video below~

You might get to sit in these when you visit Japan if you're lucky!

The Solution to Standing in Lines - Sitting! 1

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