Celebrate Easter With Gudetama!

Celebrate Easter With Gudetama!

The first 31,400 customers to visit participating Apita Piago stores will receive a special present: a Gudetama Leisure Sheet! Gudetama is Sanrio’s ridiculously adorable egg character, so it makes sense that the cutie is paired with Easter for this event!

The event will be on Easter (Apr. 16), and visitors who spend 2,000 yen or more will receive the sheet on a first come, first served basis~ There will also be a ton of other cute Gudetama-themed items like a face towel, mug, clear file, and postcard set will be on sale from Mar. 16 until Apr. 18 at different stores, as well, and visitors who spend 1,000 yen or more will get a Gudetama bag to keep their purchases in!

How fun would it be to spend Easter alongside Gudetama?!

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