Adorable Rilakkuma Stamp Books Are Also Perfect Notepads!

Adorable Rilakkuma Stamp Books Are Also Perfect Notepads!

Japan is famous for its Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines, and visitors can remember their visits to these spiritual locations by collecting goshuin stamps! Each temple or shrine has an official seal, and goshuin are vermilion stamps of these seals that you can collect in a goshuincho stamp book. Goshuincho are available in an incredible variety of designs, but if you're looking for an extra cute one then check out Holly Hock's selection! Holly Hock is a brand of goshuincho, and now fans of the adorable San-X character Rilakkuma can get their hands on Holly Hock goshuincho with Rilakkuma covers! The Rilakkuma Goshuincho were released on Feb. 16, 2017, and there are 12 designs to choose from.

Product Features
The popular character Rilakkuma is loved by people of all ages, and now the lazy bear is chilling out on a collection of goshuincho stamp books! The cute Rilakkuma face series and Rilakkuma pattern designs are also available in Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori versions, and the gang's new friend Koguma-chan is making an appearance, too. There are also classic Japanese designs starring Rilakkuma surrounded by cherry blossoms in full bloom as well as scenes of Rilakkuma and friends relaxing in an onsen. These mellow stamp books are perfect for Rilakkuma fans, and as the cover doesn't feature a goshuincho label you can also use them as a memo pad, sketchbook, or even for collecting other kinds of stamps. They were released in department stores and retail stores across Japan on Feb. 16, 2017, and they're also available for purchase on the Holly Hock online store.

Product Details: Rilakkuma Goshuincho: 12 Varieties
・Dimensions: L160 mm x W110 mm | L6.3" x W4.3"
・Accordion type
・48 pages (double-sided)

1. Rilakkuma Goshuincho (Sakura/Pink)
2. Rilakkuma Goshuincho (Sakura/White)
3. Rilakkuma Goshuincho (Rilakkuma Face)
4. Rilakkuma Goshuincho (Korilakkuma Face)
5. Rilakkuma Goshuincho (Kiiroitori Face)
6. Rilakkuma Goshuincho (Rilakkuma Pattern)
7. Rilakkuma Goshuincho (Korilakkuma Pattern)
8. Rilakkuma Goshuincho (Kiiroitori Pattern)
9. Rilakkuma Goshuincho (Rilakkuma Tea House)
10. Rilakkuma Goshuincho (Rilakkuma Onsen)
11. Rilakkuma Goshuincho (Korilakkuma and Koguma-chan A)
12. Rilakkuma Goshuincho (Korilakkuma and Koguma-chan B)

¥2,000 (plus tax)

Product Homepage
Goshuincho Specialty Store Holly Hock

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Adorable Rilakkuma Stamp Books Are Also Perfect Notepads! 1
Adorable Rilakkuma Stamp Books Are Also Perfect Notepads! 2

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