Matsuyama Kenichi Playing L Again in Death Note: Light Up the New World

Matsuyama Kenichi Playing L Again in Death Note: Light Up the New World

Death Note: Light Up the New World opens on Oct. 29. It’s a true sequel, set 10 years after 2006’s live action films Death Note and Death Note: The Last Name.

Since the 1st film, Matsuyama Kenichi has gained a lot of popularity for his portrayal of the mysterious detective L. People continue to talk about his performances in the Death Note series, and it’s been revealed that he’ll be playing L once again in this sequel.

L is remembered for his strange appearance with pale white skin, bulging eyes, messy black hair, and loose white long-sleeved T-shirt. He stood out in the original mana, as well, and Matsuyama managed to bring that to life.

His performance was a hit not just among fans, but all sorts of viewers, and he won an award for Death Note in the 2007 Japan Academy Awards as Best New Actor. This continues to be one of his best-known performances.

The producer Sato Takahiro said about the casting, “After 10 years, I somehow wanted L to play a role. I told him to perform with those feelings from just before the end of L: Change the World.”

“I asked him just hoping to make the fans happy, but of course he gave us much more than that!”

Matsuyama himself said, “I’m very happy to get to play L again after such a long time. I only did around 3 minutes, but it gave me a chance to find that L hidden within me again, and I’m very grateful.”

Death Note: Light Up the New World is set 10 years after the original battle surrounding Death Notes, or notebooks used by shinigami to kill people whose names are written in the book.

In the last movie, L used the Death Note as a last effort to stop Yagami Light/Kira. This movie will dive into his feelings from that time.

Death Note: Light Up the New World
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