Naruto, is that you? New Drama CD Hints At SasuNaru Ship

Shippers of the Sasuke and Naruto pairing, it’s time to rejoice! Circle K Sankus, a convenience store chain in Japan, has announced a drama CD featuring a couple that looks very familiar.
The CD itself is in no way associated with the Naruto franchise, but we can’t help but wonder...

While the characters in this CD are named Haru Hinomoto and Aki Tsukikage and live in a completely ninja-free universe, the uncanny resemblance is hard to ignore. Here are a few more hints:

The main characters in the CD are voiced by veterans Junko Takeuchi and Sugiyama Noriaki who voiced Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha in the Naruto anime respectively.
The story is supposedly based on “Yours for an Hour”, a Naruto fanfiction by Hic iacet Mori, as credited on the official website.
The characters are illustrated by KIRA, an artist hailing from Hong Kong well known for her Sasuke x Naruto fanart.

Are you convinced that the ship is going strong here? Pre-orders for the CD are up at Circle K Sunkus’ website here. The CD, which comes with a fully transcribed English script, will go on sale on March 7, 2016 (Also known as SasuNaru Day amongst the Japanese fan community - in case you haven’t already been convinced).

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