New Pokémon Center to Open in Kyoto with Exclusive Goods Featuring Adorable Maiko Pikachu

In Kyoto, Pikachu wears a kimono with a Ho-Oh design and a Vivillion-adorned hair accessory.

Kyoto will finally get its very own Pokémon Center, set to open on 16 March on the fifth floor of the city’s Takashimaya department store. The new shop will sell over 2,500 different kinds of Pokémon goods, with a number of items featuring the new logo for the Kyoto branch, which sees Pikachu riding on the back of the colourfully-winged Ho-Oh.

The logo will be displayed prominently in the middle of the store, and is designed to appear as if Pikachu and Ho-Oh have flown in to Kyoto from the world of Pokémon.

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Source: Pokémon Official Website
Top Image: Pokérin
Insert Images: Pokérin, Pokémon Official Website

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