More classic Shaft characters join Madoka and Hitagi for Madogatari visual

The Japanese animation studio, Shaft, is celebrating their 40th anniversary with a bang, and they are highlighting two of their most popular anime, Madoka Magica and the Monogatari series for a new exhibition called Madogatari. The exhibition’s key visual, which originally featured only Monogatari heroine, Hitagi, and Madoka Magica’s titular character, Madoka, has been updated and added a few more characters.

Joining the mix are several characters from some of the studio’s most unforgettable works, including the Negima series, Mekaku City Actors, and Eto Rangers. Just one question though, why ain’t there any representative from Nisekoi?!

The Madogatari event’s first stop will be in Tokyo from November 27 to December 2, 2015 at 3331 Arts Chiyoda before moving the show to Osaka’s Herbis Hall from December 22-27, 2015. It will then continue from February 9-14, 2016 in Sapporo. You can also check out which crossover goodies will go on sale for the event through this link.

Source: Madogatari Official Twitter Page (@MADOGATARI)

This article was first published on SGCafe, and reposted with permission here on Tokyo Otaku Mode.

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