Japanese Light and Darkness in Shoko Nakagawa and Sachiko Kobayashi Collaboration! Their CD Single Jacket Visuals Have Been Revealed!

Shoko Nakagawa and Sachijo Kobayashi collaborated together and created the group “Shokotan ♡ Sacchan “(Shokotan Daisuki Sacchan). They will be releasing their single “Mugen ∞Blanc Noir” on October 28th and the visuals of their CD jackets have been revealed!

The theme of the jacket is “Japan”. Shoko is wearing a white outfit and Sachiko is wearing a black one coming from the name of their single, blanc and noir. It is also expressing the contrast of light and darkness. In the background are the 4 gods that are said to rule the 4 directions. The cats in the jacket are their adorable pets.

Although Sachiko Kobayashi is older than most of the Japanese pop culture fans, she is very active like the collaboration with Negikko and joining the comic market so you can’t keep your eyes off her!

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Source: Tokyo Girls' Update
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