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Hello everyone, Kahotan here! (@gsc_kahotan)

I hear the next Silver Week group of public holidays will only be in 11 years time! I cannot hide my shock… I was hoping it would be a lovely long holiday like this week every year from now on!! Anyway, today I’m going to be taking a look at…

Nendoroid Katori!!♡

From the popular browser game ‘Kantai Collection -KanColle-’ comes a Nendoroid of the training cruiser, Katori! She comes with three expressions including her standard expression, an expression based on her half-damage pose as well as a strict expression showing that she is ready to discipline students during training.
*All of her ship parts have also been carefully sculpted, including the cannons she has even as a training cruiser. Her trademark whip is included in both a straight and bent form, allowing you to display her disciplining the other KanColle Nendoroids in various different ways! She also comes with the coffee and coffee pot that she holds during time announcements in the game! Enjoy the gentle Katori-san by your side!*

Oooooohhh!! (/ω\)

With teaching cane in hand, Katori is here in her military instructor-like outfit and ready to train the other Kanmusu in Nendoroid size!

Even as a Nendoroid…

…her sexy body is still very noticeable!

The tight outfit makes sure that the curves of her body are nice and clear for all to see! The outfit itself is also very detailed with careful attention to the creases all around the body at curves and openings! Although it might not be an outfit that shows off much skin, that certainly doesn’t mean that it isn’t rather sexy!!

Let’s see how she looks from the back! ε=(。・д・。)

The unique way she ties her hair up at the back, as well as her ship parts are all sculpted with careful attention to detail! As with the previous Nendoroid Kanmusu, the ship parts attach to the character with a Nendoroid joint allowing you to easily move them to various angles to match your pose! ★

The turrets can also be moved left and right, as well as rotated up and down! The connection point is also a joint allowing you to twist it to various different angles as well! ♡

△ The first photo had them all straight, but all sorts of angles are possible!

She also comes with her trademark whip, which comes in both a bent whip which you can see above as well as a straight version that works better for certain scenes!

“Training Cruiser Katori, anchors aweigh!”
**Here we have her proudly instructing! Simply pick the pose you like best!**

Katori’s reliable older sister smile has a very gentle feeling to it that shows she is very tolerant…

However! Don’t get too relaxed!!
**“I think you need a little… discipline.”**

Those cold eyes!!

A scornful downward gaze! She also comes with this rather different jump in personalities… a jump that some would rather avoid… while others would call it nothing less than a prize! Would you like to be disciplined by her? I know I would!

Her third expression is also rather different!
**Her Half-Damage Expression!**

Aww!! She’s so cute!! ( ;∀;)

I can just imagine her voice looking at this pose! “I’m hit… but my turrets are still alright! I will go down fighting!!”. You can see she also comes with firing effect parts for her turrets which make for a great combat scene! ★

The combination of the teary eyes, furled eyebrows and worried looking mouth… it’s a completely different feel to the previous expressions but is filled with all sorts of charming points!! I wish I could jump in beside her and defend her – to restore the cute smile we started the bog off with! ♡

Speaking of that cute smile…
She also comes with these optional parts which work really nicely with her smiling expression! ♡

“Would you prefer coffee?”

She also comes with a coffee pot, cup and saucer from her time announcements in the game! The pure white china has a very elegant look to it which suits her nicely! How could any admiral say no to such an adorable smile? I really want to display her like this next to my computer!! (●´ω`●)

But with a quick switch of expressions…

I have the feeling I’m about to be disciplined by my Nendoroid…

I’m also relatively certain that’s not just coffee!!

Isn’t it amazing how switching out just the expression can have such a huge impact on the pose! Be sure to try out all sorts of different combinations once she joins your collection! ☆

Adorable and sexy even in Nendoroid size! Ready for some discipline?
**Nendoroid Katori**

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