Second “The Anthem of the Heart” Teaser Trailer Posted

Second teaser trailer for The Anthem of the Heart posted; serialization of prequel comic adaptation begins.

The staff behind the hit anime Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day, also known as simply Anohana, has rejoined to create the original feature animation The Anthem of the Heart (Kokoro ga Sabitagatterun Da).The film will be released Japan-wide on Sept. 19. At this time, the second trailer has been released. In addition, a comic version on the free comic apps Manga One and Ura Sunday has been confirmed, as has a preview screening of the completed movie in Chichibu.

Just like Anohana, The Anthem of the Heart is set in Chichibu, and it depicts the youthful drama of Jun Naruse, a girl whose heart has been closed off. The footage released sketches the troubles and conflict that adolescent boys and girls carry with them, beginning with Jun who cannot clearly express her true emotions. The melody of Beethoven's piano sonata Pathetique flowing in the background brings even more emotion to the characters. Though the scenes were short, we’re left wondering what will happen to them.

In addition to the trailer, the manga version of The Anthem of the Heart began serialization on the free comic apps Manga One and Ura Sunday on July 8. It depicts each of the main characters the day before the events of the movie. The manga is being drawn by manga artist Makoto Akui, known for the Mokin-chan series among others, with an original script written by the anime staff.

The comic version is also available on the official site for the movie. Beginning with Takumi on July 22, chapters focusing on Natsuki, Daiki, and Jun will be released Aug. 5, Aug. 19, and Sept. 4, respectively. You’ll want to know the backstories of these characters to enjoy the movie even more.

In other news, a preview screening of the completed movie will be held Chichibu, which is also its setting. A stage greeting with the cast and staff is planned in addition to the movie screening.

A Twitter post campaign for a chance to attend the preview began on July 11. Of those who tweet using the hashtag #ここさけ an unsaid feeling they’ve had locked inside the shell of their heart, 1,000 people will be chosen by random to attend the preview. More details on how to attend will be posted to the official site on July 11.

Releasing Japan-wide Saturday, Sept. 19

Source: animeanime
Source article written by Shigeyoshi Okimoto

Second Teaser Trailer for The Anthem of the Heart, releasing Sept. 19
Second Teaser Trailer for *The Anthem of the Heart*, releasing Sept. 19

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