TV Anime “Wakaba Girl” Opening Theme Song Announced♪

The opening theme song to Ultra Super Anime Time anime Wakaba Girl is “Hajimete Girls!” by Ray.

The TV anime Wakaba Girl will begin airing on Tokyo-MX and BS11 in July. The series is a short anime that will broadcast during the 30-minute anime programming block, Ultra Super Anime Time, which will be comprised of three short anime back-to-back.

The song “Hajimete Girls!” by Ray has been chosen as the new anime’s opening theme song. The song’s single will be released on Aug. 26.

Ray is a female artist from Hokkaido who got her major debut in 2012 with the opening theme to the TV anime Waiting in the Summer, “Sign.” She dreamt of becoming an actress since she was a child, and she attended an actors school to hone her abilities as a singer. She gained an interest in anime songs after hearing one of her older brother’s Nana Mizuki CDs. To date, she has sang countless theme songs for anime and games including Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea and To Love-Ru Darkness among others. What kind of song will she create as the opening theme of Wakaba Girls? We’ll have to wait and see.

Wakaba Girl is an anime adaptation of a four-panel manga by Yui Hara who is famous for the Kiniro Mosaic series. The series depicts the daily lives of Wakaba Kohashi—a high school girl who, though she looks like a neat and tidy daughter of a privileged family, admires the “gyaru” fashion subculture—and her classmates. It has gained popularity for its lovely designs and four main characters brimming with uniqueness.

Directing the TV anime is Seiji Watanabe, who has worked on such series as The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and Kannagi. In charge of the script is Jukki Hanada who is known from the series Love Live! and Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions. Another staff highlight is composer Kenji Kawai, a master who has created music for many series, including Mobile Police Patlabor and Eden of the East.

Ultra Super Anime Time is a new programming block primarily for series produced by Ultra Super Pictures, which is comprised of anime studios that each have unique traits including Sanzigen, Ordet, Trigger, Liden Films and others. Expect more information to come for both Wakaba Girl and the opening theme song being sung by Ray.

TV Anime Wakaba Girl
Tokyo-MX: Every Friday beginning July 3
BS11: Every Sunday beginning July 5

Single: “Hajimete Girls!” by Ray (Release Date: Aug. 26)
Ray’s Official Site on NBC Universal

Source: animeanime
Source article written by Toru Soma

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