Last Installment in the “New Initial D: Legend” Films to Open Spring 2016

Last Installment in the “New Initial D: Legend” Films to Open Spring 2016

The third and final part of the New Initial D: Legend films, New Initial D: Legend 3 - Mugen will be released in the spring of 2016.

The second part in the series, New Initial D: Legend 2 - Racer, was released on May 23 this year. Based on Shuichi Shigeno’s popular manga series, these movies aim to retell the story from the beginning. The latest 2015 cinematic technologies used in the movie have certainly been a talking point.

In early spring 2016, the third part, entitled New Initial D: Legend 3 - Mugen, will reach fans at last. We should see it take shape at the start of the year.

After intense battles, the protagonist Takumi Fujiwara was victorious over Keisuke Takahashi in Part One, and Takeshi Nakazato in Part Two. Part Three will certainly depict what happens to Takumi afterwards. Now is it only Ryosuke Takahashi, who drives the FC-3S, standing in Takumi’s way? The newly-released teaser images for Part Three show Ryosuke Takahashi and his FC-3S. A confrontation with the ever-popular character Ryosuke is highly anticipated.

With fan interest quickly gaining momentum for the third installment, Legend 2 - Racer is enjoying success four weeks since its release. With the focus on the conflict between Takumi and Takeshi Nakazato of the Myogi NightKids, it’s certainly worth seeing!

From June 13, a special gift will be handed out to moviegoers seeing Part Two that links to the new rivalry in Part Three. An envelope containing a “written challenge from Ryosuke Takahashi” on a message card and featuring original illustrations will be given to cinema attendees as a gift. Written on the card are the words: “I’ll be waiting at the cinema in Spring 2016.” Along with these new teaser images, this is certainly enough to raise anticipation for the release next year. We can hardly wait for the last part!

New Initial D: Legend 3 - Mugen
Opens Early Spring 2016

Source: animeanime

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