The Assassinations Speed Up - ‘Assassination Classroom’ TV Anime Season 2 Confirmed; Movie Sequel Also Confirmed

© Yusei Matsui / Shueisha Inc., Anime Assassination Classroom Production Committee

Production has been confirmed on season 2 of the TV anime Assassination Classroom which has been broadcasting since January of this year. Assassination Classroom is a popular manga by Yusei Matsui currently serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump (published by Shueisha). Along with the start of the series this year came buzz for the TV anime adaptation and a live action film adaptation, a sequel to which has already been confirmed. With the second season of the anime confirmed as well, the series will continue to have unmissable developments.

Assassination Classroom is the story of a group of students who struggle to assassinate the mysterious creature “Korosensei.” The series has gained popularity for the gap between its adolescent story and assassination premise. Up through volume 13 of the manga has been published, and it has over 13 million copies in print. Volume 14 will be released on May 1.

The TV anime, a Fuji TV series, began airing in January of this year, and the second half of the first season began in April. Though the broadcast dates of season 2 have yet to be announced, because the manga is so popular, this is a long-awaited development for fans.

There are also various continuing developments for the series. The live action movie Assassination Classroom, to which a sequel has been confirmed, was released in theaters on March 21 (Tues.) and has grossed over 2.5 billion yen in box office revenue.

Events have also been confirmed, and these include an Assassination Classroom anime exhibit to be held in Pixiv Zingaro at Nakano Broadway beginning on April 30 (Thurs.). On display will be documents and key frames from the anime, illustrations signed by the cast, and more. With goods in store as well, this will likely be an event fans will be happy about.

The excitement will likely accelerate even more from hereon. Keep it here for the next follow-up report.

Anime Assassination Classroom

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© Yusei Matsui / Shueisha Inc., Anime Assassination Classroom Production Committee
© Yusei Matsui / Shueisha Inc., Anime Assassination Classroom Production Committee

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