Conan-style Girls Are Here!

Outfits and accessories that fangirls actually like?! “Japan Label x Detective Conan x HozonHozon” collaboration announced

From April 25, clothing, bags and pouches produced in collaboration with Earth Music & Ecology Japan Label (a producer of manga, anime and items from up-and-coming creators), Swimmy Design Project’s HozonHozon and Gosho Aoyama's Detective Conan, the latest theatrical outing of which was only just released on April 18, will go on sale.

Protagonist Conan Edogawa Coordinated Outfit
A checkered shirt (4,990 yen) with removable tulle bowtie and embroidered tranquilizer wristwatch motif you can see with the sleeve rolled up, plus an outfit set (4,990 yen) featuring a V-neck vest with visible detective breast patch motif. Also available: a cap with the Detective Conan logo embroidered on it (3,990 yen) that feels a bit like Sherlock Holmes?! Somehow it’s ended up in the much-loved Sherlock fandom.

The HozonHozon design pattern bag lineup includes shoulder bags (4,990 yen), day bags (6,990 yen) and pouches (2,990 yen). Each type of bag is available in four different colors: white is Kaito Kid, red is Conan, green is the Detective Boys Gang and black is all the Detective Conan characters collected together. You can easily match up each bag with whichever outfit you choose, and they’re perfect for any gender too.

The clothing and bags will go on sale at 81 Earth Music & Ecology stores as well as via their online site, Cross Collection.

The prominent logos and coloring of Detective Conan, Earth Music & Ecology and HozonHozon are one of the products’ most impressive points.

The HozonHozon edition Detective Conan artwork will be exhibited on the 2nd floor Creative Space of the Shimokitazawa Earth Store from May 1-10, 2015. Those who don’t want to miss the chance to see these artsy Conan outfits during Golden Week should make sure to confirm the opening hours on the Japan Label official website before setting out, as these will vary day to day.

Earth Music & Ecology Japan Label

^*^ Prices listed excluding tax

© Gosho Aoyama / Shogakukan

Source: Otajo

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