‘The Idolmaster Million Live!’ Manga Volume 1 Hits Shelves; Deluxe Edition Includes Original CD

‘The Idolmaster Million Live!’ Manga Volume 1 Hits Shelves; Deluxe Edition Includes Original CD

The Idolmaster is a popular title in a variety of media, and now manga has been added to this list. On March 12, the first tankobon volume of the manga adaptation of the social game The Idolmaster Million Live! was released. A deluxe edition was also released that includes an original CD featuring the cast lending their voices to the manga’s pivotal scenes to enjoy. This is a must-have item for fans.

The manga adaptation of The Idolmaster Million Live! is by Yuki Monji and is currently serialized in Monthly Shonen Sunday (published by Shogakukan). It tells the story of young girls aiming to be idols at 765 Pro Live Theater.

The original CD included with the deluxe edition is a drama CD written just for the occasion by Yuki Monji. Fans will enjoy the best scenes from the manga and a new episode voiced by the cast. Two songs will also be included on the CD: “Go My Way!!” by main characters Mirai Kazuga and Shizuka Mogami and “Aoi Tori” by Shizuka. For fans who enjoy cover songs in the series, this is a must-hear CD.

The cast includes a lineup of wonderful talent including Haruka Yamazaki as Mirai Kazuga, Azusa Tadokoro as Shizuka Mogami, Machiko as Tsubasa Ibuki, Yui Watanabe as Nao Yokoyama, Risa Taneda as Kotoha Tanaka, Asuka Kakumoto as Erena Shimabara, and Yuka Saito as Subaru Nagayoshi. Their banter on the drama CD is a definite highlight. The deluxe edition of volume 1 costs 2,000 yen and the regular edition that includes only the manga costs 650 yen (both prices include tax).

The Idolmaster Million Live! is a social game currently in service on Gree. The application launched in 2013. In addition to the manga adaptation, the Idolmaster series is being developed in other media as well including radio broadcasts and CD releases. A TV anime is also currently broadcasting for The Idolmaster: Cinderella Girls, a game in the series available on Mobage. The Idomaster is a series popular across a variety of media. We’ll keep our eyes on Million Live! as it develops further.

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