Akihabara’s COSPATIO, the Specialist Cosplay Shop Where Cosplayers’ Dreams Come True!

Akihabara’s COSPATIO, the Specialist Cosplay Shop Where Cosplayers’ Dreams Come True! 5

“COSPATIO” is a place where anyone can indulge their curiosity for cosplay! COSPATIO has been supporting the activities of cosplayers for the past 20 years as a specialist cosplay store. Although COSPATIO has five establishments across Japan, today we decided to pay a visit to the Akihabara branch!
COSPATIO is located on the third floor of a building whose first floor is dedicated to capsule machines. As we enter, “Koro-sensei”, from “Asosassination Classroom” greets us!

Just one of the many costumes the store has! We were excited to see if there were any costumes from some of our favourite anime.

As well as female costumes, there are plenty of male costumes, too. In fact, costumes for guys are kind of their specialty.

You can also get a manlier physique by putting on one of their special “man chests”!

As well as clothing, there’s also plenty of accessories, including special props like Japanese katana, paper umbrellas, etc.

They also have professional makeup which is more often used for stage shows and movies. You can even try them out for free.

There’s also a wide array of colored contact lenses helping you to recreate the look of your favourite anime character right down to their eye colour!

In the shelf of underwear, they also have an array of long female panties to be worn underneath short skirts.

You’re also free to try cosplaying within the store (at the Akihabara COSPATIO). The store will provide costumes and also a photoshoot service, where they’ll take your photo with a polaroid camera then give you the polaroid to take home with you. And the best part is that this service is completely free, so there’s no reason not to partake! The costumes you can try vary from month to month. This month’s costume is this one from “Kantai Collection”!

On the second floor, you can find their affiliate store “COSPA”, where you can buy all kinds of anime goods. Be sure to drop by there as well the next time you visit COSPATIO!

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COSPATIO Akihabara
Address: Gee STORE 3F, 3-15-5, Soto Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Nearest Station : Akihabara
TEL: 03-3526-6877
URL: http://cospatio.com/

Source: Tokyo Girls' Update
Source article written by highso
Photo by Yosuke Mochizuki
Model : Rinalee
Translated by Evie Lund

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