Maximum the Hormone’s ‘F’ Chosen as Battle Song for ‘Dragon Ball Z’ Movie

The battle song to the movie Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of F releasing countrywide in Japan on April 18 has been confirmed. The song chosen is “F” by rock band Maximum the Hormone. The song had an impact even on the creation of the series, and it will now color the newest movie in the series.

Maximum the Hormone’s “F” is a song off of their eighth single Tsume Tsume Tsume/F released in July 2008. Themed after the popular Dragon Ball character Frieza, the song is packed with lyrics related to the series including “fighting strength of 530,000.”

As a matter of fact, the title Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of F came from author Akira Toriyama being inspired by the song. Regarding “F,” Toriyama gave the following praise: “It’s a vulgarly and cooly sung song about Frieza.” We wonder how this song created after Frieza will express the movie’s battle scenes.

Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of F comes two years after the 2013 movie Battle of Gods and is the series’ 19th theatrical release. The movie is being showered with attentive gazes due to author Toriyama helping to create the movie; he’s even creating a script for the first time. The story involves the earth being attacked by a new Frieza resurrected by the Dragon Balls, and the action scenes are even being boasted by Toriyama as being “fierce confrontations.”

Maximum the Hormone, whose song has been appointed the battle song, is a four-member rock band that formed in 1998. The band is popular for their sound that fuses strong lyrics drawn out by unique nuances, harsh, loud rock, and pop melodies. Their experience prior includes creating the theme songs for Air Master and Death Note among others, making them a band well known among anime fans.

Movie Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of F
Releasing April 18, 2015

Source: animeanime
Source article written by Katsunori Takahashi

© Bird Studio / Shueisha Inc. © 2015 Dragon Ball Z Production Committee
© Bird Studio / Shueisha Inc. © 2015 Dragon Ball Z Production Committee
Maximum the Hormone
Maximum the Hormone

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