Musashino Animation New Development?! ‘Shirobako’ New Key Visual Releases at Comiket

The ending to the first season of the TV anime Shirobako came with the airing of the 12th episode this month. The broadcast began in October and the series became a hit due to its irreverent content that focuses on the animation industry. It gathered popularity for its high quality thanks to talented director Tsutomu Mizushima and P.A. Works, which is known for their intricate productions.

The second season will kick off with Episode 13 to air in early January. In time with this, the key visual has been updated. A new key visual was released on the official site on Dec. 28, the first day of Comic Market 87.

For most anime fans, how their favorite anime are made is surprisingly an enigma. The series depicts newcomer production assistant Aoi Miyamori and her friends from an animation club at their place of work, Musashino Animation. The show is set up so that audiences can enjoy various incidents throughout the story while learning about the process leading up to a finished anime. Information also suggests that new developments are in store for Musashino Animation and members of the former club in Season 2. Maybe the key visual gives clues to these developments. Take a look.

The opening and ending themes are also changing for Season 2. The new opening theme is “Treasure Box” by Masami Okui. The new ending theme is “Platinum Jet.” In charge of this song is the character unit from the anime, Donut Quintet. The unit is comprised of Aoi Miyamori (Juri Kimura), Ema Yasuhara (Haruka Yoshimura), Shizuka Sakaki (Haruka Chisuga), Misa Todo (Asami Takano), and Midori Imai (Hitomi Owada). Many fans are no doubt looking forward to how this song written and composed by Haruko Momoi will be sung. The theme song CD will release on Feb. 25, 2015 as a first-press limited edition with a DVD for 1,800 yen and a regular edition for 1,200 yen (prices exclude tax).

It has also been confirmed that a novel adaptation of the series called Shirobako Introduction will be published by Shueisha’s Jump J Books on Jan. 27. From the title, it seems fans can expect a different story than that of the TV anime. Expect Shirobako developments to continue even into 2015.

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Musashino Animation New Development?! ‘Shirobako’ New Key Visual Releases at Comiket 1
Musashino Animation New Development?! ‘Shirobako’ New Key Visual Releases at Comiket 2

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