Jun Maeda is Back! Key’s New Animation ‘Charlotte’ to Release in 2015

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The TV anime series Angel Beats! kicked up the dust in 2010, as the original work, script, and music were all written by Jun Maeda. Five years has passed since then, and now they have announced the production of their second original anime titled Charlotte. Original work and script is written by Maeda, who is known for the scenario and music of many tear-provoking games by Key, such as Air, Little Busters!, and Clannad. He is loved by fans, who affectionately call him his nickname “Damae.” Na-Ga, the character designer for Little Busters! and Angel Beats!, is doing original character planning, while P.A. Works, the same studio that produced Angel Beats!, is responsible for animation production.

The news of production was revealed during Aniplex × Key Presents New Project & Angel Beats! New Information Announcement that aired on Nico Nico Live Broadcast on Dec. 22.
In the program, Maeda shows himself after a long hiatus. Among the other participants was Aniplex producer Yousuke Toba, advertising producer Yuuma Takahashi, and guests Takahiro Baba, a representative of VisualArt’s, and director Kai. Besides Charlotte, they also announced information regarding a new Angel Beats! game and a Blu-ray box set, lighting up the live broadcast. In addition, fans became super excited when the revival of “Jun Maeda’s Brutal Radio” was announced.

There are many things regarding Charlotte that remain unraveled, such as the specific air date, name of the director or voice actors, so the excitement is yet to come. However, a PV was released on the official site in which the words “When a boy and a girl meet, their harsh destiny is set in motion” come up while a characteristic music is playing. The visual features a girl and a video camera, with a shooting star shown in the window and the words “Promise to come back” written in the background. It’s scheduled to broadcast in 2015, so be on the watch for follow-ups.

Original Work & Script: Jun Maeda
Original Character Design: Na-Ga
Animation Production: P.A. Works
Scheduled to broadcast from 2015

© VisualArt's / Key / Charlotte Project

Source: animeanime

© VisualArt's/Key/Charlotte Project
© VisualArt's/Key/Charlotte Project

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