“Analoghack” Illustration Collection Based on the World of “Beatless” to Release at Comiket 87!

Analoghack, an illustration compilation based on the world of the science fiction novel Beatless and made with the participation of a total of 18 unique illustrators is going to be released at Comic Market 87, held from Dec. 28-30.

Analoghack is an illustration collection created as part of “Analoghack Open Resource,” a project promoted by Satoshi Hase himself that allows the free use of the settings and world of Beatless. It takes “analoghack,” a keyword from Beatless, as its motif, and it features illustrations on how each illustrator imagines “the ideal hIE (android).” The creators even added explanatory comments on the bodies to each illustration, showing their enthusiasm toward these characters. The new hIE illustrations by redjuice, the character designer of this volume, are also a must see.

The participating illustrators besides redjuice include Atsuya Uki from Cencoroll; Chamooi, who became known through her collaboration with brand Earth Music & Ecology; and Yuta Nishio, who drew the jacket illustration of DJ Wildparty’s Private Disco Ball. It’s design work is characterized by Tsuyoshi Kusano Design Works, the company that designed Beatless, The Idolmaster, and Guilty Crown, and of course participating illustrators who are active in various fields.

That’s not all! Redjuice is going to release this collection at Comiket 87, but you can also purchase it earlier here on TOM! We are planning to sell it at a special pre-order price, so stay tuned for more information as there’s only a limited amount available!

Analoghack Release Page

Product Information
Title: Analoghack
Publication Date: Dec. 28, 2014
C87 Special Price: ¥1,500 (tax included)
Size: A4
Number of Pages: 52
Printing: full color
Cover Illustration & Compilation: redjuice
Illustrators (in Japanese alphabetical order): Asagiri, Masaki Arakawa, Wednesday, Atsuya Uki, Ame Karasuba, Zain, Dangomushi, Chamooi, toi, Tokiya Sakba, Torako, Yuta Nishio, neco, noraico, mizu, Nayu Minase, Yurinko, redjuice
Design: Tsuyoshi Kusano Design Works
Project & Publication: uncron

“Analoghack” Illustration Collection Based on the World of “Beatless” to Release at Comiket 87! 1

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