Jinbocho to Become a Paradise for Girls - Shosen Book Mart to Be Completely Renovated with “Female-Oriented” Content from Shoujo Manga to BL

It seems a new spot for girls is opening in Jinbocho, Tokyo, through which drifts the aromas of different cultures including old bookstores, music shops, a university, and more. Shosen, which manages large bookstores in Jinbocho and other locations, has revealed that Shosen Book Mart in Jinbocho will be completely renovated to be a bookstore specializing in female-oriented content.

Shosen Book Mart in Jinbocho is close to both the Ochanomizu Station and Jinbocho Station and is located at the Surugadaishita intersection. The building is a landmark of the Kanda and Jinbocho areas. The store has a high reputation for stocking a wide selection of pop culture publications and magazines. It also started out by offering a huge selection of shoujo manga, and it is transitioning into specializing in this area due to high need.

The building will re-open on Oct. 4. The new store will specialize in shoujo manga and boys love (BL). It will also have a selection of shonen and seinen manga to service the needs of females who like anime and manga. Moreover, the store will have much more than just books and will offer an abundant variety of products in line with female culture including series goods, drama CDs, and more.

The floor layout of the renovated building has also been revealed. Floor 1 will have manga, new light novels, magazines, and media works. Floor 2 will have shoujo manga, shonen manga, seinen manga, and teens love works. Floor 3 will have boys love manga, novels, doujinshi, and drama CDs.

Also, picking up attention are the grand opening events that will be held for the new fourth floor. These include a display of reproduction artwork and a signing event. This floor will be the epicenter of new information and cultures. The fourth floor will also have an area of publications related to Comic Bunko and Studio Ghibli.

A fair and campaign matching up with the building’s re-opening are also in the works, and these as well will likely use the new fourth floor. Kanda and Jinbocho have a tendency to be viewed for the profundity of their history and their somewhat engrained local flavors. Here, the new winds of female culture may amass a new culture.

Shosen Official Site

Source: animeanime

Jinbocho to Become a Paradise for Girls - Shosen Book Mart to Be Completely Renovated with “Female-Oriented” Content from Shoujo Manga to BL 1

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