Miku Effector Releasing in October

Korg, a manufacturer and seller of electronic music equipment, has announced that the world’s first Vocaloid effector, Miku Stomp, will release at the end of October. The price has not yet been determined.

Miku Sings Through a Guitar!
Miku Stomp is a Vocaloid effector for guitars that turns guitar sounds into Hatsune Miku’s singing voice. You can make Miku sing easily just by connecting a guitar. The voice synthesis technology at the core of the sound is “eVocaloid” by Yamaha’s next generation sound library, NSX-1. Due to the fact that a guitar is played in a unique way that differs from step recording and keyboards, guitarists can easily enjoy hearing Miku’s abundance of expressions.

A Design that Incorporates a Hatsune Miku Illustration
The effector has an aluminum diecast body, similar to a compact effector, and on it is an original illustration drawn just for the effector. The design brings together the worlds of Hatsune Miku and guitar effectors and makes it practical for tabletop use or for use in an effector board as well. It will bring an all new layer of fun to performing music.

How to Use it Depends on You! Equipped with 11 Varieties of Lyric Patterns
Miku Stomp comes with 11 different kinds of lyric patterns in total, including a User Pattern for inputting your own lyrics, a Random Pattern for creating lyrics automatically, and a Basic Pattern that uses basic sounds including “a” and “ra.” Users can enjoy vocal performances without having to input lyrics with the Random Pattern feature, create original songs by inputting lyrics using the User Pattern feature, or use the Basic Pattern feature for creating a chorus. How you enjoy it depends on your imagination.

Inputting Lyrics is Simple with the Exclusive iPhone App
Aside from the pre-set lyric patterns that come installed in Miku Stomp, there is also a User Area in which Miku can be used to sing any lyrics. Using the feature is easy. All you have to do is input the text data into the exclusive iPhone app and this is sent to the guitar. After that, you just have to play. Make Miku’s singing voice ring out with original lyrics. The User Area can handle up to a maximum of approximately 6,000 characters (this number refers to Japanese characters), so you can put in all the lyrics to a song.

■ Vocal Range: E1 (41Hz) - E6 (1,319Hz)
■ Sound Source: eVocaloid
■ Connection Jacks: Input (monaural jack), Output (monaural jack), DC9V IN
■ Power: 2 AA batteries, AC adaptor (DC9V)
■ Battery Life: approx. 5 hours
■ Electric Current: 200 mA
■ External Dimensions: 74(W) × 120(D) × 50(H) mm (including rubber feet)
■ Weight: 250 g (not including batteries)
■ Accessory: 2 AA test batteries
■ Optional Accessory: Korg AC adaptor KA181 (DC9V)

Korg Official Site

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Miku Sings Through a Guitar! KORG MIKU STOMP
Miku Sings Through a Guitar! KORG MIKU STOMP
Miku Stomp Effector
Miku Stomp Effector
Miku Stomp Effector
Miku Stomp Effector

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