Scandal to Sing Pokémon the Movie Theme Song “Yoake no Ryūseigun”


A countrywide roadshow release will begin for the movie Pokémon the Movie: Diance and the Cocoon of Destruction in Japan on July 19. A new movie in the hugely popular Pokémon series is released each year. The movies are noticed for their wonderful guest actors and participating artists, and this year as well another big artist is supporting the movie through the theme song. This artist is Scandal who, as recently decided upon, will be singing the theme song “Yoake no Ryūseigun.”

Scandal is a girl band that formed in Osaka in 2006. They made their musical debut in 2008 with “Doll” and have steadily built up their career and widened their popularity. One of the members in particular, who is in her teens, has gathered tremendous popularity. The members of Scandal are also of the generation that grew up with Pokémon. The first game member Rina ever bought was a Pokémon game, and each of the members have their own memories with the series. Also, all members are huge fans of the series, which was a huge factor in the decision to appoint them to the theme song.

In addition to Hidenori Tanaka as composer and Seiji Kameda as sound producer, “Yoake no Ryūseigun” features lyrics written by member Tomomi. They aimed to create a national song fitting of this national anime movie series. The members of Scandal each put their fighting spirit into the song, making it one fans will be drawn to.

The single for “Yoake no Ryūseigun” will release on July 16.

Pokémon the Movie: Diance and the Cocoon of Destruction will release nationwide on July 19 along with the short anime Pikachu, What Kind of Keys Are These? which will screen with the movie.

Comment from Executive Producer Mitome Asai:
It’s best to leave the Pokémon movie theme songs to those who love the world of Pokémon more than anything else. I feel that, to that end, these girls, who were crazy about the series as kids due to theme songs they liked (“Kaze to Issho ni,” “Kokkasa Kimono,” etc.) from the movies coming out one after the next, growing up and becoming in charge of the theme song as musicians wasn’t a coincidence, but rather an inevitability. Similarly to the new series and Mega Evolved movies, I think that the sound of the Mega Evolved Scandal in this song as lyrics that look forward and a heartrending melody will be a lifelong memory for children who go to see the movie in theaters this summer.

Comments from Scandal
When I heard that we were put in charge of the theme song, I was so happy I felt like jumping for joy. We are all first generation Pokémon fans, and I remember like it was just yesterday how we were all waiting excitedly for the first Pokémon movie, Mewtwo Strikes Back, to release.
Many years have passed since then, and just like how it’s remained in our minds for so long, we want to scorch into the memories of kids who love the summer Pokémon movies even more excitement that they will remember for years to come with our song.

When I was a kid, Pokémon was always the big thing during summer break. It’s like it itself was our adolescence. I think there are many kids for whom Pokémon the Movie: Diance and the Cocoon of Destruction will be their first Pokémon movie. We put our all into this song so that kids will have the same excitement and emotions we felt at that time. Scratch that, that they will return home having gotten much more than just that. Please enjoy it to the very end.

The first movie I ever saw was a Pokémon movie. Even now, I remember an intensity that made me feel like the Pokémon would jump out from the screen and made me feel like I was a part of the world. I also like the Pokémon games, and I’ve played them all from Red/Blue to the new X/Y, so I’m extremely thrilled to be able to participate in a series that has always been a part of my life! I hope you can cheer on the Pokémon through our song!

We’ve been given the opportunity to perform the theme song to the movie Pokémon the Movie: Diance and the Cocoon of Destruction! Even for us, who are right in the middle of the Pokémon generation, this is something we’re very happy about. The first game I ever got as a birthday present was Pokémon. Thinking back on it, my childhood was filled with Pokémon. There are kids whose first Pokémon movie will be this one and the first theme song they will remember will be “Yoake no Ryūseigun.” I hope that when they become adults and they remember back on it they will replay the song in their heads. Look forward to us playing this song live too!

Source: animeanime

© Nintendo, Creatures Inc., Game Freak Inc., TV Tokyo, ShoPro, JR Kikaku © Pokemon © 2014 Pikachu Project
© Nintendo, Creatures Inc., Game Freak Inc., TV Tokyo, ShoPro, JR Kikaku © Pokemon © 2014 Pikachu Project

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