Special Program to Broadcast on Tokyo MX and AT-X Just Before Release of Hakuōki the Movie: Chapter 2

Chapter 2 of the animated film for the overwhelmingly popular female-oriented adventure game series Hakuōki, titled Shikon Sōkyū, will release on March 8. Due to Chapter 1, Kyoto Ranbu, becoming such a success after it released last year on Aug. 22, this chapter is burdened with high expectations from fans. To meet fans’ expectations right out of the gate, a special version of Hakuōki the Movie: Chapter 1: Kyoto Ranbu will be broadcast right before the release of Chapter 2. This timing will allow fans to get caught up before enjoying the new film.

Included in the special broadcast will be everything from the beginning of Hakuōki the Movie: Chapter 1: Kyoto Ranbu to the monumental scene that gets the story rolling. However, this isn’t a rehash of Chapter 1, it’s an experimental version for understanding the world of Hakuōki. This means that those who see it will be able to smoothly get into the world of the series. A first look at Shikon Sōkyū will also air during the program. This is a chance for fans to take a peek at the new film. The special will air first from 25:30 to 26:00 on Feb. 20 on Tokyo MX and will be rebroadcast from 22:30 to 23:00 on Feb. 21 on AT-X. This is 30 minutes of programming fans shouldn’t miss.

The Hakuōki series began in 2008 as a video game, and it became hugely popular among females due to its mixture of romance elements with a Shinsengumi motif. The series has developed into CD dramas, three anime series which began in April 2010, and several OVA. Shikon Sōkyū is the long-awaited second full-length film for the series which has a completely new story.

Hakuōki the Movie: Chapter 2: Shikon Sōkyū Official Site

Source: animeanime

Chapter 2: Shikon Sōkyū © IF, DF / Hakuōki the Movie Production Committee
*Chapter 2: Shikon Sōkyū* © IF, DF / Hakuōki the Movie Production Committee
Chapter 1: Kyoto Ranbu © IF, DF / Hakuōki the Movie Production Committee
*Chapter 1: Kyoto Ranbu* © IF, DF / Hakuōki the Movie Production Committee

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