Creamy Mami 30th Anniversary Commemorative Nail Stickers Release

Do you all know who Mami-chan is?

Creamy Mami, the Magic Angel is Studio Pierrot’s most famous magical girl TV anime series. It has been 30 years since the series began broadcasting in 1983, but even now Creamy Mami is a magical girl character who continues to gather support from fans of all ages.

Now, Creamy Mami has become nail stickers in commemoration of her 30th anniversary! These nail stickers come in two versions: Creamy Mami and Yū Morisawa, the character who transforms into Creamy Mami. Wearing the Yū Morisawa version on one hand and showing off her transformation into Creamy Mami on the other would be so cute, don’t you think?

The design of these nails was supervised by none other than Tokyo Otaku Mode Special Creator Nakayama Chieko! As expected, Chieko possesses such skill that she was able to infuse these nails with the cuteness and loveliness of the original work! This charismatic nail stylist even makes nails for some of Japan’s most talented artists, as well as produces a variety of nail stickers under her brand Creeeam Pony by Nakayama Chieko.

Actually, these nail stickers were on sale at the recent anime, manga, and game festival Romix held in Italy and at New York Comic Con in the U.S. For those of you who went, did you happen to see them? They are also now on sale at shops throughout Japan, including the exclusive nail wholesaler TAT and on the special Creamy Mami, the Magic Angel 30th Anniversary Shop! Of course, we are also selling them for all of our overseas fans on the Tokyo Otaku Mode Premium Shop!

Whether you are an otome female or a male otaku who loves magical girls, take a look! You will no doubt be captivated by Mami-chan’s cuteness!

TOM x Creeeam Pony Creamy Mami Nail Stickers

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Nakayama Chieko, the designer of these cute nail stickers.
Nakayama Chieko, the designer of these cute nail stickers.

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