Japacon TV #15 - Part 2 Introduction

Japacon TV is a show that introduces Japanese subculture such as anime and Vocaloid and broadcasts at 12 p.m. every Friday on the Japanese satellite broadcast channel BS Fuji. We continue with the second part of Episode 15, “This is the Way the Game Industry Thrives,” which, similarly to the first part, also features the popular game maker Capcom. Let’s get to the introduction.

Capcom is putting effort into its strategy of extensively spreading its own popular, original content referred to as “one content, multi-use” to various companies. This time, they gave Sengoku Basara as one of those examples.

Sengoku Basara is a popular game that was first released in 2005 by Capcom. This battle action game series is a modern take on military commanders from Japan’s Warring States Period, and it currently spans 14 games. With “one content, multi-use,” Capcom managed to create a Sengoku Basara franchise that includes anime adaptations, mobile game adaptations, character goods, and arranging tours to places related to the characters of the games.

The most special trait of Sengoku Basara is the immense support it has received from female fans. By using popular male voice stars, it succeeded in capturing female audiences who, until now, were thought to be uninterested in games, and as a result, it became a lasting work.

Moreover, this year, through a collaboration with Takarazuka Revue, an utmostly popular female opera troupe in Japan, Capcom is targeting a new group of users. You can check the contents of the collaboration in the show!

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Japacon TV #15-02: Capcom Vol. 2 -
Japacon TV #15-02: Capcom Vol. 2 -

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