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Boyfriend! ★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆ Guy friends!

Misamisa: Toradora! is another work that you can easily recommend to non-otaku.

Sattomii: You’re right. Even people who watched anime earnestly for the first time said that it was very good. It’s also a standard outcome that you excitedly talk about whether you like Taiga, Minorin, or Ami the best (laughs).

Misamisa: You can know what type of a person he is by seeing whom he sympathizes with. In the case of boys, I’d like to ask them things like, “If you were in Ryuuji’s place, what would you do in this situation?” or, “From a guy’s point of view, how does this behavior look?”

Sattomii: Yeah, I really want to ask those! Boys and girls feel things differently, so it would be interesting if we could talk about things like that.

Boyfriend! ★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ Guy friends!

Sattomii: Nichijou is an anime I want to watch without thinking about anything serious and just laugh together!

Misamisa: Yes! I think the feeling is similar to when people who are satisfied with their real lives watch The Hangover.

Sattomii: I see (laughs). I’d be happy if we could share the sensation of laughing together.

Misamisa: Yes, that’s why I’d recommend watching it with someone you like. On the contrary, if he said Nichijou was boring, that might be a bit hard on you...

What anime do you want to watch with boys?

Sattomii: Do you usually watch anime with someone?

Misamisa: I watch them alone most of the time.

Sattomii: Same here. That makes today’s project, “anime you want to watch with boys,” a little bit difficult. First, I thought about watching it with someone, then thought about how it would be if it wasn’t a girl but a boy, and what I want to share by watching it together.

Misamisa: When we got this topic, the anime that came to my mind were mostly those I want to watch with my boyfriend. I was thinking that I want us to share our values through watching them together – things like, “Where can you cry?” or, “Which part touched you emotionally?” I think having a discussion about the anime’s topic is also nice. Plus, recently, the setting is also firmly included in the story, so going on a pilgrimage date after watching the anime must be wonderful, too.

Sattomii: I see. So rather than just watching the anime, your goal is to link it to some other kind of fun.

Misamisa: Yes. How about you, Sattomii?

Sattomii: Well, since I like sci-fi and robot anime, I imagine our excitement together, like “Whoaa! Cool!”

Misamisa: So, rather than your boyfriend, you’d rather watch them with your guy friends?

Sattomii: Maybe. If I had to explain, the ones I want to watch with my guy friends are anime we can genuinely enjoy or anime that can move us. The ones I want to watch with my boyfriend are anime we can share our impressions of after watching it, or go to a related place together to have fun. Talking about anime from the different points of boyfriend/guy friends was a lot of fun!

Extra Section: I like this, too!

One more anime Misamisa wants to add is an “Anime Mirai” work!

Misamisa: This is the thing! (laughs) As a user, you can watch four good anime! And if I think about how that fun is connected to the anime industry going in a good direction, I feel that it’s even more awesome, so I recommend it. What all of these anime have in common is that they are all very moving! In their 2013 work, Little Witch Academia was the most heart-wringing. I’ll keep a close eye on them in the future, too.★

One more anime Sattomii wants to add is Tsuritama!

Sattomii: Since we are fully into summer now, this is an anime of the season. The music by Kuricorder Quartet and the drawing style that uses such vivid colors to give it a feeling of “the” summer cheers you up. The four main characters are all boys, so at first glance, it might seem as if it was intended for girls, but since its subject is “fishing,” shouldn’t boys enjoy it all the same? The story with Yuki steadily growing up and the deepening friendship makes it really nice to watch. And it might also be nice to visit the anime’s stage, Enoshima, together after watching it!

Misako Ochiai
Born in 1991, blood type AB. Her pet name is Misamisa. She is an active otaku and a cultured person who lives on anime and books. In her college years, she wrote articles as a freelance writer, and she was the editor-in-chief of a free paper that aimed to bring Japanese pop culture overseas that was distributed in 15 countries and areas. From January 2013, she joined the company Seikaisha and is currently active as “the sweet PR flapping her wings to the world.”

Satomi Takahashi
Satomi was born in 1989 in Tokyo, where she was raised as well. She graduated university in spring 2013 and entered Kai-You as an editor. She exceedingly loves anime, and she writes numerous anime-related articles as an “otaku supervisor” on the pop portal media Kai-You.net. As the only girl on the Kai-You team, she lives her days with strong will.

Source: Kai-You
Source article written by Nao Niimi

© You Yoshinari / Studio Trigger / Agency for Cultural Affairs Anime Mirai 2013

"Anime Mirai" ©You Yoshinari / Studio Trigger / Agency for Cultural Affairs Anime Mirai 2013
"Anime Mirai" ©You Yoshinari / Studio Trigger / Agency for Cultural Affairs Anime Mirai 2013
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