Manga Action's “The Hired Gun” to Be Made into Anime Series

Manga Action's “The Hired Gun” to Be Made into Anime Series

The Hired Gun ( Kuroshiya-san ), a four-panel comic strip by Tamachiku that has been published in Futabasha's Manga Action since 2004, will be made into an anime mini-series.

The Hired Gun is about a hit man that is recognized by himself and others to be the best in Japan. The story follows the hit man's dealings with detectives, his victims, other assassins, passersby, and police dogs. It is an entertaining work that deals with many sorts of characters, human and canine alike.

The hitman sticks to his motto of "I'll finish off anything," be it his duty as an assassin, his summer homework, or his house chores. It's the story of an amazing assassin who kills whatever prey he sets his eyes on, while inducing laughter at unintended times.

The creator's name, Tamachiku, is actually a shared pen name for writer Tama and artist Chiku. Tama, also known as Masahide Ichijou, is the writer behind such works as B.B.Joker and 4th Dimension. Chiku mainly draws manga for adults under another alias, Haruki.

The anime adaptation will be directed by Hashire! Beel-bo Keiji!! director Ai Ikegaya and animated by Operahouse.

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